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The execution of Troy Davis should serve as a reminder to us all that we have surrendered too much freedom to the state:


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You can read more about Troy's case here http://action.amnesty.org.uk/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1194&ea.campaign.id=12137
and take a different action here

Please share these links, and if you're on facebook  there's this event https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117178755054075

This is Troy's very last chance, so please please, fb, twitter and blog these actions as far as you can. Troy will be killed at 7pm tonight EST (midnight UK time) unless we can get the state of Georgia to change its mind.
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Troy Davis will be executed tonight by the state of Georgia, despite severe doubts about his guilt.
There is still a chance to save him, if we can get his Parole board to see sense.

Please copy the following letter into an email, add your details, and send it to - Clemency_Information@pap.state.ga.us
and - Webmaster@pap.state.ga.us

State Board
Pardons and Paroles webmaster
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
SE Suite 458
East Tower
30334-4909 Atlanta

Dear Clemency Board members,

I call on the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles to take all steps necessary to ensure that Troy Anthony Davis is not executed.

You have voted to deny him clemency despite the fact that significant  doubts continue to plague his conviction. You must reconsider and
reverse this decision immediately.

Seven of the nine witnesses have changed their story and no physical evidence links Davis to the crime. No one should be executed, especially when there are so many doubts about guilt.

This case has generated widespread attention because so many people in Georgia and throughout the world are disturbed by the thought of a man being executed when so much doubt about his guilt remains unresolved.

Nothing can undermine public faith in a criminal justice system faster than an execution when there are still serious doubts about guilt.

Georgia cannot afford to make such a mistake, and I urge you to do everything in your power to prevent this injustice from taking place.

Yours sincerely,

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Recommend something else, please!

russian community music_action - Music for Social and Civil Action, Freedom, Peace, Environment and Human Rights.
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In 1996, in Virginia, Richard Townes, Jr.’s execution by Lethal Injection was botched when officials had to put the needle into the top of Townes’ right foot because they could not find a suitable vein.

Taken from NCADP website

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Today we are writing to ask you to join us in a creative and fun effort to publicize the case of Troy Anthony Davis, a person on Georgia's death row who many of us believe to be innocent.

Troy was sentenced to die despite the fact that seven of the nine people who testified against him at trial have recanted their testimony. (An 8th "witness" is missing, while the ninth is thought to be the real killer. No physical evidence whatsoever tied Troy to the crime.)

Troy has an important appeal before the Georgia Supreme Court this fall in his quest to secure a new trial. He narrowly escaped execution earlier this summer.

Today we are asking you to take part in the Troy Davis Innocence Matters Video Project

October 9th is Troy Anthony Davis' birthday and in celebration of this occasion we're asking all of his supporters worldwide to send him a video birthday message and to post that message on YouTube.

The Troy video project is simple. Using a webcam, camera phone, camcorder or any other recording device, simply record a positive video of 60-seconds or less wishing Troy a 'Happy Birthday' while reaffirming to the state of Georgia that innocence matters.

With so many Troy supporters around the world, we want these messages to be lively and creative. Feel free to sing it, rap it, play it, draw it, dance it, paint it, shout it from the roof-tops. What you say or how you say it isn't important. What's important is that you just say it!

Please keep these messages positive and refrain from bad language and controversial statements that could be viewed as inflammatory. We don't want to upset people - we just want to show the world that Troy has global support in his fight for justice.

After you've recorded this message, please post it on YouTube using this link:

Let's not only give Troy a "Happy Birthday," let us also speak loud and clear in one voice that innocence matters!
Please note that even if you are unable to record a video for Troy, you can help our campaign by visiting our YouTube site and watching some of the videos. So far, we've had more than 2,000 views and we really want to demonstrate to the world through the site's popularity that, yes, innocence matters!

Best to all. And onward to abolition!

David Elliot

Communications Director

Gregory Joseph

State Policy Director
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Please forward and cross-post this message widely. If you received this message from a friend, subscribe free at http://www.demaction.org/dia/organizations/ncadp/signUp.jsp?key=28

Do Not Execute Daryl Holton!

On September 12, 2007, Tennessee is set to execute Daryl Holton for the November 30,1997 murder of his four children
The state of Tennessee should not execute Daryl Holton for his role in this crime. Executing Holton would violate the right to life as declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and constitute the ultimate cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment. Furthermore, Holton suffers from severe depression and has had numerous documented suicide attempts. In 1997 Holton and his wife were finally divorced. In a state of delusion he decided to kill his children believing that their lives were forever ruined because they were going to be raised in a divided household. Also, Holton was more or less in charge of his own defense. He had ineffective counsel from a lawyer who was experiencing severe personal problems. Holton also clearly suffers from a documented mental disease; he still suffers from severe depression while on death row.

ACT NOW by contacting Gov. Phil Bredesen requesting that they stop the execution of Daryl Holton! Read More and Take Action http://www.demaction.org/dia/organizations/ncadp/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=12499


Do Not Execute Tommy Arthur!

On September 27, 2007, the state of Alabama is set to execute Tommy Arthur for the February 1, 1982 murder of Troy Wicker.
The state of Alabama should not execute Arthur for his role in this crime. Executing Arthur would violate the right to life as declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and constitute the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. There was no physical evidence that conclusively linked Arthur to the scene of the crime. He was convicted solely on witness testimony. Furthermore, two witnesses testified they saw Arthur 75 miles away from the scene at the time of the crime. The victim's wife was originally charged with the crime and she named two other people as the original committers of the offense. Judy Wicker testified under oath twice that Tommy Arthur had nothing at all to do with the murder of her husband or her rape. Alabama is the only state that does not provide post-conviction lawyers for convicts on death row. Several jury members have made statements that if they had seen all of the evidence; they would not have found him guilty.

ACT NOW by contacting Gov. Bob Riley requesting that Tommy Arthur's execution be halted!

Read More and Take Action at: http://www.demaction.org/dia/organizations/ncadp/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=12523

See and act on all current Execution Alerts at

September 12: Daryl Holton, TN

September 13: Jack Jones Jr., AR

September 13: Joseph Lave, TX


September 18: Terrick Nooner, AR


September 20: Clifford Kimmel, TX


September 25: Richard Baze, KY


September 25: Michael Richards, TX

September 26: Edward Jerome Harbison, TN


September 27: Carlton Turner, TX


September 27: Tommy Arthur, AL

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Seriously guys, check out the paragraph on Elijah Page...

Save the date!

NCADP 2008 Annual Conference

Jan. 17-20

San Jose Holiday Inn
San Jose, California

Georgia set to execute an innocent man

Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed by the state of Georgia on July 17.

Elijah Page is scheduled for execution on July 9-13, by the state of South Dakota.

Read more about these and the other cases below -- and ACT!


Do Not Execute Troy Davis!

The state of Georgia has scheduled Troy Davis' execution on July 17 for the murder of Mark McPhail. However, there is no physical evidence linking Davis to the crime and 7 of 9 witnesses have officially recanted their testimony, alleging police coercion.
ACT NOW by contacting the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, requesting that they stop the execution of Troy Davis!

Read More and Take Action at: http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/ncadp/content.jsp?content_KEY=2782


Do Not Execute Elijah Page!

The state of South Dakota is set to execute Elijah Page on July 9-13 for the March 2000 murder of Allan Poage in Spearfish, SD. Page was 18 at the time of this crime. His mother allowed drug dealers to molest him in exchange for drugs and his stepfather once use him as a human shield in a drug-related shootout. His trial judge even stated, "Most parents treated their pets better than your parents treated you." Of his two codefendents, one received the death penalty and another received a life sentence.
Page has given up his appeals. This will be South Dakota's first execution in 60 years.

ACT NOW by contacting Gov. Mike Rounds requesting that Elijah Page's execution be halted!

Read More and Take Action at: http://www.demaction.org/dia/organizations/ncadp/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=4745


See and act on all current Execution Alerts at

July 9-13: Elijah Page, SD

July 10: Rolando Ruiz, TX

July 17: Troy Davis, GA

July 24: Lonnie Johnson, TX

July 26: Darrell Grayson, AL
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Just wanted to take a minute to wish slothandfriends a happy and healthy birthday!!
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9 executions scheduled for June, 5 in Texas
Christopher Emmett is scheduled to be executed by the state of Virginia on June 13.

Michael Lambert is scheduled for execution on June 15, by the state of Indiana.

Read more about these and the other cases below -- and ACT!


Do Not Execute Christopher Emmett!

The state of Virginia should not execute Christopher Emmett for the April 2001 murder of Christopher Langley. Emmett claims ineffective assistance of counsel, since his trial counsel never presented his mental health history to the jury. The Virginia Supreme Court unanimously wrote, ""it is clear that [Emmett's] trial counsel was ineffective."
ACT NOW by contacting Gov. Tim Kaine requesting that he stop the execution of Christopher Emmett!

Read More and Take Action at: http://www.demaction.org/dia/organizations/ncadp/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=11633


Do Not Execute Michael Lambert!

On June 15, Indiana is set to execute Michael Lambert for the December 1990 murder of Officer Gregg Winters. The jury may have been exposed improperly to victim impact evidence, and the defense did no present a fully mental history of Lambert during their mitigation argument. Currently, Lambert is a party in a federal lawsuit challenging the legality of the state's lethal injection protocol.
ACT NOW by contacting Gov. Mitch Daniels requesting that Michael Lambert's execution be halted!

Read More and Take Action at: http://www.demaction.org/dia/organizations/ncadp/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=11739


See and act on all current Execution Alerts at

June 6: Michael Griffith, TX
June 13: Christopher Emmett, VA

June 13: Cathy Henderson, TX

June 15: Michael Lambert, IN

June 20: Lionel Rodriguez, TX

June 21: Gilberto Reyes, TX

June 22: Calvin Shuler, SC
June 26: Patrick Knight, TX

June 26: Jimmy Dale Bland, OK
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