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May Execution Alert

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7 executions scheduled for May, including 1 volunteer

Carey Dean Moore is scheduled to be executed by the state of Nebraska on May 8.

Aaron Lee Jones is scheduled for execution on May 3, by the state of Alabama.

Read more about these and the other cases below -- and ACT!


Do Not Execute Carey Dean Moore!

The state of Nebraska should not execute Carey Dean Moore for the murders of Maynard D. Helgeland and Reuel Van Ness. Moore is volunteering for execution, after a decades-long appeals process that included a challenge to the state's use of the electric chair.
ACT NOW by contacting Gov. Dave Heineman requesting that he stop the execution of Carey Dean Moore!

Read More and Take Action at: http://www.demaction.org/dia/organizations/ncadp/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=11154


Do Not Execute Aaron Lee Jones!

The On May 3, Alabama is set to execute Aaron Lee Jones for the Novermber 1978 murders of Carl and Willene Nelson. Jones claims inefective assistance of counsel and has tried to challenge the state's lethal injection protocols.
ACT NOW by contacting Gov. Bob Riley requesting that Aaron Lee Jones' execution be halted!

Read More and Take Action at: http://www.demaction.org/dia/organizations/ncadp/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=11152


See and act on all current Execution Alerts at

May 3: Aaron Lee Jones, AL

May 4: David Wood, IN

May 8: Carey Dean Moore, NE

May 9: Philip Workman, TN

May 10: Jose Moreno, TX

May 16: Charles Smith, TX

May 24: Christopher Newton, OH
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