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July Execution Alert

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Seriously guys, check out the paragraph on Elijah Page...

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Georgia set to execute an innocent man

Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed by the state of Georgia on July 17.

Elijah Page is scheduled for execution on July 9-13, by the state of South Dakota.

Read more about these and the other cases below -- and ACT!


Do Not Execute Troy Davis!

The state of Georgia has scheduled Troy Davis' execution on July 17 for the murder of Mark McPhail. However, there is no physical evidence linking Davis to the crime and 7 of 9 witnesses have officially recanted their testimony, alleging police coercion.
ACT NOW by contacting the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, requesting that they stop the execution of Troy Davis!

Read More and Take Action at: http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/ncadp/content.jsp?content_KEY=2782


Do Not Execute Elijah Page!

The state of South Dakota is set to execute Elijah Page on July 9-13 for the March 2000 murder of Allan Poage in Spearfish, SD. Page was 18 at the time of this crime. His mother allowed drug dealers to molest him in exchange for drugs and his stepfather once use him as a human shield in a drug-related shootout. His trial judge even stated, "Most parents treated their pets better than your parents treated you." Of his two codefendents, one received the death penalty and another received a life sentence.
Page has given up his appeals. This will be South Dakota's first execution in 60 years.

ACT NOW by contacting Gov. Mike Rounds requesting that Elijah Page's execution be halted!

Read More and Take Action at: http://www.demaction.org/dia/organizations/ncadp/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=4745


See and act on all current Execution Alerts at

July 9-13: Elijah Page, SD

July 10: Rolando Ruiz, TX

July 17: Troy Davis, GA

July 24: Lonnie Johnson, TX

July 26: Darrell Grayson, AL
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